R.U. Shalit Development, Building, and Project Initiation Ltd. was founded in 1976 as a construction contracting company named after the Shalit Rivka and Uriel. Rivka and Uriel rapidly utilized their increasing working knowledge and experience to branch out into additional directions in the construction industry. R.U. Shalit is currently a steadfast contracting company with an impeccable reputation.

The company has an unrestricted classification and in recent years, it has been focusing on residential buildings in Israel and abroad. The company develops and builds numerous projects, including hotels, country clubs, commercial buildings, private homes, luxury residences, terraced apartment complexes, and hundreds of residential units in Ashdod, Jerusalem, Haifa, Beit Shemesh, and Ashkelon.

The company is renowned for its superb engineering capabilities, financial stability, meticulous management, and the fair and personal treatment it gives to apartment buyers, which over the years have yielded hundreds of satisfied families that have bought houses and apartments in the various projects. The company employs some of the best architects and designers in Israel and even brings young and innovative designers from Europe to create original and distinctive projects at an international standard.

A tradition building excellent quality of life...

R.U. Shalit has a longstanding tradition of projects that create an outstanding residential environment. The company does widespread business in the residential sphere, where it has designed and built over 1,000 residential units. The company’s numerous construction projects include the C Quarter project in Ashdod, where the company built over 200 residential units including garden apartments and penthouses, and the Hemdat Israel project in Hadar, Haifa, including 4 residential towers facing a view of the Haifa Bay.

The luxury living category includes several projects, such as the unique Nof VeGan project in Jerusalem, with two-storey cottages that combine a breathtaking view, quiet, and quality of life with luxury technical specifications and an international standard of finish. The company is also promoting a project in Europe that will include approx. 250 residential units in luxury towers. The company is also involved in construction for senior citizens, which includes the Mishkenot Shalit project, where the company built a statutory accommodation complex that includes 180 residential units alongside spacious commercial grounds that include supportive services such as a healthcare clinic, specialist clinics, and more.

In the tourism, leisure, and vacation industry, the company is promoting construction of a variety of resort hotels and country clubs. Particularly noteworthy is an international-standard luxury boutique spa hotel that the company is promoting together with designers from abroad that were brought to Israel especially for the project, and a country club and commercial center in Jerusalem spanning approx. 10,000 m2 that offer quality entertainment, leisure, and sport.

Previous Projects

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Khan Kalia, The Dead Sea

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Savyoney HaGiv’a, Jerusalem

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